Graal Kingdoms

Name: The Weeping Willow
Submitted by: Myukoi
Date: Sat 26 Jun 2004 04:44:32 AM CDT
After a long day, where the only person that ever showed any kind emotion for her at all, randomly decided he was disgusted with her, and left her to cry in her small, rented cabin out in the woods, Willow decided to take a walk, and think about what she would do with her life now. Tears rolled down her cheeks, thinking about how much she loves and hates him. She began to hear a sort of growl, and she began to worry. She stopped for a second, only to have a crazy shell bomy come up from the ground and attack her! She took out her wand, her hands shaking and tears still dripping onto the ground, and decided she will not let this shell bomy make her day worst. . o O (I.. can't take this anymore. I loved him.. so much. What did i do to him? What did i do to ANYONE? It seems as if no one can even show a little compassion towards me. I guess this is the life of a wandering Sorceress.. I will battle these monsters, and many more to come. I will become more powerful, and seek revenge upon my past love!)

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