Graal Kingdoms

Name: Pets2002
Submitted by: Stefan
Date: Tue 08 Oct 2002 06:21:04 PM CDT
The pets have been added!
There are currently 3 types of pets, you find them on different places on the main island.<br>
These new pets need to be feeded, they also need to drink and sleep. From time to time they are in the 'mating time', when you bring them together with a pet of the opposite gender of the same race then the female pet will lay an egg. Pets can be 'tamed' by feeding them and giving them water and touching (grabbing), but it will take some time. Once they 'like' you you can use the commands 'follow' and 'name pet'.<br>
After some days (or when not getting food/water/sleep) the pets will die.
Once we get time for it we will add things for the pets, like getting experience for feeding them, letting pets attack monsters or players etc.

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