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Guild Information

Guild TagNFG
Guild Full NameNFG
Established Time2002-06-23 21:53:22
Members Count10
Guild StatusActive

Guild Charter

1.No saying you owned someone and do not talk about anyone in masses unless I order you to.

2.No Multi-Guilding with guilds who are subject to war. (Guilds like Paused, or AFK are okay.)

3.Respect each other, and show honor. Do not disrespect our allies and do not go against our enemies unless provoked.

4.Don't lame when you are pking. I dont wanna see you running into a level with no pkzone. If we see you laming you will be warned. If you keep on doing it, you will be rejected from the guild.

AlliesDragon Knights, Nightmare
EnemiesSoul Creepers
Preferred WorldsN-Pulse, Graal Kingdoms, All

Contact Information

Website AddressUnder Construction
Public Email[email protected]


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