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Guild Information

Guild TagDark Terror
Guild Full Name
Established Time2006-01-19 21:23:18
Members Count10
Guild StatusActive

Guild Charter

-Welcome To Dark Terror-

We do not care about the publicity of graal,our only goal is power!
Anyway we search for Talented,Cold Hearted, members with a dark fighting spirit!
We do not help others or ask for help since we should each work individual!
If you want to enter our empire guild and want a rank higher then you have to aprove yourself!
Failure does not exsist in our guild and will lead to a bann or lower ranks!
This is the ultimate guild and we only accept experienced players who know what they want!
Experienced players that search a new challenge are anytime welcome in Dark Terror!
In Dark Terror you see the world with other eyes!

-Charter End-

AlliesDark Chaos
Preferred WorldsAll

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