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Members Count: 10

1Dante_of_the_DarkTheRat >L<Leader
2Dare4meTheDog >VL<Vice Lord
3Mustang67TheFennecFox >L<Vice Lord
4ArokenMusukiterTheWolf >SG<Seaguard
5JakeSonicTheHedgehog >N<Newborn
6johnnyflameThe LionNewborn
7Ryel1TheKoalaBear >N<Newborn
8nugglesThePanda >N<Newborn
9VertFieryTheEchidna >N<Newborn
10captainbeefTheKitten >N<Newborn

Note: Members List is sorted by rank (highest first), followed by join time (earliest first; actual time not displayed here - to check, see Roster in GuildCP). Each page lists up to 50 members.


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